Volunteer's Area

Mukta's crux lies in communication. The first step would be to register (click on Register link in the Volunteers's Login block present to your left)

Accounts will be enabled only after Mukta Account Manager approves of your registration. Account Manager will approve of the registration only if the registrant has spoken to either Volunteer Relationship Manager (VRM) or to any of the volunteers at Mukta

  • Registered volunteers need to logon to the website to access the private area. Complete contact details of all the volunteers is present in the private area. Volunteers can also submit articles and links.
  • Volunteers are added to relevant mailing lists. Volunteers communicate with all other volunteers or with specific teams through mailing lists.
  • Volunteers actively participate in forum discussions. Private messenger and shout box will also be accessible through private area.
  • Volunteers update the events/opportunities/meetings and other schedules in the  calendar (click on the date and add/edit an event)
  • Volunteers access Address and Driving instructions page to get the details of the NGOs they would like to visit.

Mukta mail is integrated with Google Apps. Volunteers can check mails sent to their Mukta account through http://mail.google.com/a/muktafoundation.org. Volunteers need to write to account manager to get a Mukta email account.

Mukta's projects need a tool (http://pm.muktafoundation.org) to track their progress. dotProject offers group system, privileges, calendar, contacts, projects management, ticket system, file management, bookmarks, to-do list, reminder, etc. Visit dotProject for more details. Voluinteers assign and update task status, track projects using PM Tool.

Visit account configuration page to know more about your accounts and their configuration.