Saransh Handicrafts is a Charitable Trust working with people with Disability in Villages of India. Saransh Handicrafts was registered at Bangalore under Indian Trust Act on 1st June 2006. Saransh primarily works towards the betterment of the disabled / Handicapped in Villages.

Saransh believes in promoting equal participation of the disabled / handicapped and their women in community, society with enhanced visibility and facilitate their overall development by providing resources and creating a bridge between the haves and the have-nots and to support the disabled craftsmen & their women.

Saransh has designed a variety of training, support programs and workshops to assist persons from Villages, disabled/handicapped and people below poverty line, enabling them to be independent and achieve their goals with dignity. It also provides the Disabled / Handicapped with the required raw materials after completion of training, and once they make the products we buy the whole produce at Market price to sell it to the corporate.

Saransh has been successful in reaching and supporting 81 villages in south India. To save and preserve India's rich culture and tradition which Saransh believes are every Indian citizen's responsibility. Volunteers at every village made Saransh cover more villages in a short period.

Saransh looks forward to your partnership in its cooperative efforts to support Disabled/Handicapped & Save village handicrafts in India.