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Mukta team thanks
  • Mr.Venkatesh CA, founding member of Studio Vinyas, for designing a beautiful logo for us
  • lypha for providing us with cheapest and feature rich web hosting service
  • Joomla team for the great CMS
    • rockettheme for the great template
    • ExtCalendar 2 for calendar component
    • Joomlaboard for forum component
    • AkoBook V3.42 for guest book component
    • www.joomlapolis.com for community builder component
    • uddeIM for private messenger component
    • RISP for shoutbox component
    • Letterman for newsletter component
    • Joomap for sitemap component
    • Docman for downloads component
    • JoomXplorer for file management component
    • Google Map API
  • MySQL team for the database
  • PHP Team for the lovely script
  • Horde for webmail client
  • dotProject for feature rich project management tool
  • Yahoogroups for mailing lists
Mukta team thanks explore.oneindia.in and karnataka.com for listing us on their sites.
Mukta foundation is not affiliated to any other organization. Mukta foundation does not have allegiance to  any political party or religion.
Logos, Contents, Components and Modules published on the site are properties of respective owners.