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Mukta's teams are not hierarchical in structure. But teams follow a model to achieve effective communication and efficient management.

Mukta is divided into different teams. Projects are specific to the team. Volunteers can be part of any team (depending upon their interest and the project they are involved with). Any volunteer can come forward to assume the role of a coordinator. Coordinator will be a volunteer working in a specific project with a specific team at a particular NGO, but his additional responsibilities include coordination, task tracking, project status reporting etc.

Mukta has 3 types of coordinators:

  • Project/Initiative Coordinator: Point of contact (POC) for the specific project/initiative
  • Team Coordinator: Person responsible for all the work related to the team (a team may be associated with multiple projects at various NGOs)
  • NGO Coordinator: POC for all the activties/projects related to the NGO the person is coordinating with.

There are few other roles like website administrator, account manager and newsletter editor.

Mukta's Teams:

1. Technical Training Team (TTT)

TTT trains students (and in few cases teachers) on basic and advanced skills related to computers, mathematics etc.

2. Soft skills Training Team (STT)

STT concentrates on like personality development, interpersonal skills, effective communication, spoken English. This team is also responsible for conducting workshops, competitions like quizzes, seminars etc.

3. Curriculum Development Team (CDT)

CDT assesses the training requirements and develops training materials accordingly.

4. Website Maintenance Team (WMT)

WMT takes up the work related to website management. WMT manages both Mukta's internal site and sites that belong to our partners

5. Computer Maintenance Team (CMT)

This is the IT team of Mukta. CMT will take up all the activities related to computer maintenance, troubleshooting, networking etc.

6. Application Development Team (ADT)

ADT develops software - like library management system, payslip generator etc.

7. Media Conversion Team (MCT)

MCT assists our partners in media conversion activities such as scanning texts, recording cassettes etc.

8. Marketing/Management Team (MMT)

MMT helps our partners with marketing, branding, fund raising and few managerial activities.

9. Newsletter Editorial Team (NET) 

NET is responsible for bringing out Mukta's monthly newsletter 


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