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Welcome to Mukta family. We, at Mukta, rely on internet for basic communication and to carry out our tasks. So it becomes essential for Mukta's volunteer to have an email account (if you don't have one, we will provide you with one) and project management account (to manage your tasks and track your project status). If you already have these accounts, please read further to configure them. Else contact Account Manager to get your account credentials. When you mail account manager, please mail him your preferred username and preferred email address.

Mukta Email
Mukta emails IDs are created on request basis (whereas PM accounts are created as soon as a volunteer joins Mukta). If you like to have a Mukta email account, contact Account Manager.

Mukta email facility integrated with Google Apps. Now you can check your Mukta mails at the following URL


You can get the POP3 and SMTP configurations for your account as soon as you logon. Or you can visit Google Help Center  

Mails to your Mukta account can be forwarded to any of your other email accounts (you will still have the copies in your Mukta mailbox).

Mukta Project Management
Mukta PM tool can be accessed at http://pm.muktafoundation.org Use your username (not your complete email address) and default password to log-in. After your first log in, you need to do two things -

  1. Change your default password: Click on 'My Info' link. You will see 'Change Password' link below 'add user button' to your right
  2. Update your contact details: After changing the password, click on 'edit this user' link present to your left. Don't update your password (you would have changed your password already). Click on 'edit contact info' link at the bottom of the frame and fill in your contact details. Please fill up all relevant details. Don't worry about privacy. Only registered volunteers will have access to this page. So your information is safe. Put your phone numbers.

Mukta CRM
Mukta has an internal customer relationship management (CRM) application - http://muktafoundation.org/crm

If you don't have a Mukta account (email or pm account) or if you have questions/problems related to your Mukta account/mailing lists, please contact Account Manager If your problem is not resolved in 24 hours, please get in touch with Ashutosh (+91 98452 66496) or CSP(+91 99805 40111)


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