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key.jpg This section helps you get a better picture of Mukta. Contact us if you need any specific information.
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What is Mukta?
Is Mukta a registered NGO?
How is it different from other NGOs?
Is there any membership fee or monetary contribution we need to make to be a part of Mukta?
Do members meet regularly?
I cannot go out of the house. How can I contribute to community sitting at home?
Why do we need Mukta when there are so many NGOs doing same kind of activities?
How does Mukta operate?
I don’t access internet often. Can I be an active member of Mukta network?
I am an NGO. How can Mukta help me?
All your volunteers are from Bangalore. Is Mukta confined to Bangalore people and its NGOs?
Can Mukta provide monetary assistance to people who need to undergo an expensive operations?
I see very few NGOs listed in your ‘PARTNERS’ page. Why is it so?
Is there any other network similar to Mukta?
I am very much interested but cannot visit NGOs or participate in projects regularly. What can I do?
How many volunteers do you have with you?
Why is the percentage of active volunteers is so less?
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