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Blood donation FAQ
blood_donation.gif This section busts some of the myths related to blood donation and answers many questions that create a better awareness about blood donation.
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Who is eligible to donate blood?
What should I do before donating?
Is it safe to donate blood and what happens during blood donation?
Will I have any problems after donating blood and do I need to take any special care?
What are the health benefits of donating?
Will blood donation hurt?
I am afraid! I don't like needles.
How much blood is needed every day?
What are the blood types?
Can I get AIDS from donating blood?
Why should I give my blood?
Can't families and friends provide for those who need blood?
I gave once this year. Isn't that enough?
I had jaundice can I donate blood?
I am diabetic. Can I donate?
I am on medication. Can I donate?
Can I donate blood during menstruation ?
Why do you charge for donated blood?
Are donors ever paid?
Who gets the blood I donate?
Which is the rarest blood type?
What are blood components?
How long the blood can be stored at blood bank?
What are laboratory tests performed on the collected blood?
Why are the laboratory tests not performed before donation?
Does the blood group of a particular person change with time?
Does it take long time to donate blood?
How much blood is collected per donation?
Why is my finger pricked before donation?
What is the liquid in the bag into which the blood is taken?
How long will it take to go back to work after donation?
Nobody has ever asked me to donate blood?
I am too busy and it is too inconvenient!
I donate only during emergency. Is that OK?
What are the charges for blood and component?
What should I do when I need blood?
What is Aphaeresis?
How much blood do I have in my body?
How long will it take to replenish the blood I have given?
What happens to my blood after donating?
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