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How Do I “Make the Most” of My Volunteer Experience?

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Give Hope a chance PDF Print E-mail
One of the main reasons why education is denied to the children from the lower strata of the society is probably because there is a lack of positive vision about the future. This is perhaps why a differently-abled child never gets education even when there is always a clearly laid out map for the to get it. There are plenty of schools and NGO’s committed to create a change in this aspect but very few are able to act radically (read), to free a child from the tentacles of forced labor, confinement and deprivation of basic education. Chronic poverty could be singled out for the sad state that prevails in countries such as ours. Though it’s a far-fetched idea to eradicate poverty per se, giving people hope and later on, education, could go in a long way in building up a society free of illiteracy and stigmatization.
Corporate Social Responsibility PDF Print E-mail
It is said that Businesses must assume a major role in making the World a bette place. And so, corporations adopt many socially responsible policies ranging from providing an ethical environment for the industry to saving Planet Earth.
Rotary -TTK Blood Bank PDF Print E-mail

As human cells live on Oxygen, the importance of the vital fluid that carries it to every single cell in the human body cannot be undermined. Blood not only carries the raw material required for metabolism, it also carries the waste generated as the result of metabolism. Blood, after passing through the kidney, purges our body of all the toxics. If any tissue is deprived of blood for a longer duration, tissue may weaken or even die. This is the reason why blood clots or hemorrhages may sometimes prove to be fatal.

‘Gift Your Sight’ Campaign PDF Print E-mail

Close your eyes. Now, walk around the room, find your favourite things groping in darkness, imagine the faces of your loved ones, think about your favourite holidays and now assume that you can never open those eyes and get out of that staggering darkness - Welcome to the World of Blind.


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